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zdravljeYour body contains about 60 to 70 percent of water. Blood is mainly composed of water and your muscles, lungs and brain also contain lots of water. We need the water for the regulation of body temperature. It carries nutrients and oxygen to your cells, removes waste and protects your joints and organs. Simply told, healthy water is essential for good health.

How much water is needed to drink during the day? Today there are many formulas, but it is enough to keep the old advice: 8 glasses per day. . This is especially true for pregnant women, people who work under stress, and students. Many health problems would disappear if the caffeine and carbonated that we dring replace with a glass of plain water.

White water is the right choice for those who care about their health and their loved ones. Water is not chemically treated and its composition is exactly the same as it has given to us by Mother Nature.

Let the white water to be the secret of your good health.


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