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magla 1Hidden in the heart of the mountains Vranovine, at 1200 meters above sea level, there is a spring white water. Thanks to the excellent composition of the white water, it will impress you with its clean and refreshing taste. At the source, the water temperature constant is 7.5 ⁰ C. . Vranovina mountain, from whose depths comes White Water, is uninhabited and there is no potential water pollutants.

This is a real treasure and a gift of Mother Nature. On this recipe I'm giving it to you because we only do the package – without adding any substances!

At just twenty meters from the source is situated our factory for the exploitation of natural mineral water. The factory is built according to all European standards. The quality of the White Water is evidenced by numerous awards and certificates which are granted by the professional and independent institutions in charge. HACCP Codex Alimentarius system ensures a permanent control of water safety, and guarantees the quality of the production process.

The chemical composition of water

fabrika 1 sTotal mineralization                                mg/L     267,52

Cations                                                               63,22

Sodium (Na+)                                                       0,47

Potassium (k+)                                                     0,33

Calcium (Ca++)                                                  60,00

Magnesium (Mg++)                                               2,40

Anions                                                   mg/L     267,52

Chlorides (Cl+)                                                     2,90

Sulphate (SO4++)                                                 8,10

Nitrates (NO3+)                                                     0,33

fabrika 2 sPhosphates (PO4+++)                                            0,07

Hydrocarbons (HCO3+)                                       189,10

Silicate (SIO3++)                                                  3,80


Environmental Policy - PDF (Bosnian)

Quality Policy - PDF (Bosnian)

Food Safety - PDF (Bosnian)



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